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Wu Style Tai Chi


Frank Neely has been practicing Taichi and QiGong for over 20 years and was first introduced to Taichi and QiGong in 1997, studying in New York City at the Masters Degree program of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. During a trip to China and Tibet in 1998 he studied QiGong with the Legendary Master, Chen Long Zhong and was formally accepted as his student. In 2004, He began studying Wu Style TaiChi with master Clayton Shiu and his teacher Grand Master Zhang Yun of the Yin Chen Gong Fa Association. Later, in 2007 in Beijing China, he was officially accepted into the Yin Chen Gong Fa Family with an Opening of the Gate Ceremony and has been teaching Taichi since 2007. 

Frank  is currently teaches Taichi and QiGong at the John M. Stockman Cancer Institute. 

With a career of  over thre decades in Acupuncture, Frank has extensive experience in teaching TaiChi and QiGong to people with various medical conditions and different levels of mobility, including NBA players and professional athletes. This experience includes teaching QiGong and  Taichi to people that have different stages of cancer, stroke, weakness and pain. Frank is able to tailor QiGong and Taichi to each persons ability and level of strength and mobility. 


Join our Tai Chi. Learn the Wu Style Tai Chi forms, push hands, martial arts applications, and Taichi philosophy.  



Grand Master Wong Pei Xing 

Qi Gong

 Frank Neely first studied Qi Gong in 1997 at the Masters Degree Level at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. In 1998 he studied the Dragon Gate Tao Qi Gong system in China and also studied Qi Gong at EMei mountain, famous for its ancient history of Qi Gong. Frank also studied Qi Gong in the mountains of Tibet at the ancient cite of the Kingdom of Kham.

Qi Gong is an ancient therapeutic form of exercise that unites the mind, body and breath to prevent disease and treat existing ailments. Qi (energy) Gong (cultivation), is effective in relieving pain, discomfort, stress, indigestion, depression, insomnia and fatigue, it also enhances self awareness and insight and can boost the immune system. Qi Gong can be tailored to any level of mobility or health.

Frank currently teaches Qi Gong at the John M. Stockman Cancer Institute to patients in different stages of cancer treatment. Frank also has experience in teaching Qi Gong to professional athletes, corporate events, stroke patients, and adolescents and young children.

Dragon Gate Tao Qi Gong

                                                                                                                                            Master Chen Long Zhong 21st Patriarch of the Long Men Tao