Urban Tao Acupuncture And Herbology

1330 New Hampshire Ave, NW B4Washington DC 202-253-0670

Rates & Services



Initial consultation and Acupuncture treatment  $150

Follow up Acupuncture treatment $95

Facial Rejuvenation Program $800

(Includes 10 Acupuncture Face lift and 10 Facial Toning Massages)

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation follow up treatment $100

Community Acupuncture $50 per person for groups of four or more

                                  $45 per person for groups of eight or more

                                  $40 per person for groups of 10 or more


 TCM Herbal Consultation

A full assessment is made of your health and wellness and a treatment plan involving Chinese Herbs is prescribed. Herbs are sold separately.



 Tui Na Massage

One hour session $110



 Qi Gong

Private lessons $50


 Tai Chi

Private lessons $70

10 session group class $99 


 Kung Fu

Private lessons $70