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Acupuncture and Anxiety

Posted by H. Frank Neely L.Ac. on September 5, 2012 at 6:35 PM

Anxiety and Acupuncture

Many people struggle with anxiety, a persistent feeling of dread, apprehension and impending disaster or tension and uneasiness, often experiencing a constant chatter in their heads. This makes it difficult to relax and to deal with stressful situations. This can also lead to insomniaand low energy. Anxiety can be a constant struggle, the brain never turns off and every reaction can trigger a fight or flight response. This has become more of a problem in the modern age with more work and less relaxation.

How can Acupuncture Help?

Acupuncture helps to relieve anxiety and stress by causing brainwaves to change to the relaxation and meditative wave frequency. Acupuncture also helps the brain to release Melatonin dopamine and other neuro-chemicals resulting in a feeling of relaxation and well being.

What to Expect

After the acupuncture needles are strategically placed painlessly into the skin, usually about 10-15 minutes later a sense of deep relaxation begins to take over. As you become more relaxed you may begin to daydream or fall asleep. During the treatment your sympathetic nervous system will start to rebalance. During anxiety, it is the sympathetic nervous system that reacts with a fight or flight response. By resetting this response your brain will not respond to situations with the same amount of apprehension or stress.

After and during the treatment you should feel immediate relaxation and a sense of calm peacefulness. This new calm feeling may last around three days to a week and gradually diminish. It is usually suggested to return weekly for a few sessions so that the effects last longer over time.

Research on Acupuncture and Anxiety




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